Exercises & Homework

Check out a few more practice exercises for our lesson and also the answer to Te Murumāra's homework question.

How would you say 'Ko tēnei whare, ko tērā whare rānei?' in English?
  • Do you want this car or that car?
  • Is it this house or that house?
  • Do you want it to be red, white or black?

How would you say 'Homai koa te pene, te pene rākau rānei' in English?
  • Pass me a pen or a pencil please
  • Is it this cake or that one?
  • Do we have five or six apples?

How would you say 'Is Mikaere or Marama the champion?' in Māori?
  • He parauri ki kākāriki rānei?
  • He aihikirīmi he keke rānei tō hiahia?
  • Ko Mikaere, ko Marama rānei te toa?

What is the correct Māori translation for 'Did you all go to the show or the museum?'?
  • I haere koutou ki te whakaari, ki te whare taonga rānei?
  • Kei te haere tātou ki te kai ki te inu rānei?
  • He mahi poi, he haka rānei te hiahia?

What is the correct English translation for 'Kāore ia e mōhio ki te kōrero Māori, ki te kōrero Hapanihi rānei'?
  • She does not know how to speak Māori or Japanese
  • Do we go to the store or to the playground?
  • Have you got a hammer or a screw driver?

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the words on the left-hand side.

  • handsome
  • time passed
  • well-being
  • sandwich
  • pencil
  • painga
  • hipa
  • hanawiti
  • purotu
  • pene rākau


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