It's a new week whānau and today we're looking at asking and saying who had something, and how to reply to that question.

You're looking for your umbrella. How would you ask someone 'Who had my umbrella?' in Māori?
  • I a wai taku hamarara?
  • I a wai taku kai?
  • I a wai tōku pōtae?

You niece says to you 'I a au tō hamarara'. What has your niece told you in English?
  • I had your umbrella
  • John had your umbrella
  • Bradley had your bag

You remember lending your pen to someone, but forgot who you lent it to. How would you ask your friend 'Who had my pen?' in Māori?
  • I a wai taku haeana
  • I a wai taku taora?
  • I a wai taku pene?

Your friend quickly replies 'I a Tiana tō pene'. What has your friend told you in English?
  • It was Tiana's pen
  • Tiana had your pen
  • Bailey had it

You're walking to the shop with you brother. You pat your pocket to make sure your wallets there. It's not. How would you ask your brother in Māori 'Who had my wallet?'
  • I a wai taku pāhi?
  • I a wai taku moni?
  • I a wai ōku hū?

Your brother says to you 'I a Pāpā tō pāhi'. What has your brother told you in English?
  • I had your wallet
  • Mum had your wallet
  • Dad had your wallet


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