Exercises & Homework

Let's review our lesson's and the homework from Te Murumaara.

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the correct words on the left-hand side.

  • pāhi
  • huarere
  • tāra
  • pani kanohi
  • taitamariki
  • dollar
  • youth
  • wallet
  • make-up
  • weather

How would you say 'Mere has the script' in Māori?
  • Kei a Hine te kirīmi
  • Kei a Mere te tuhinga
  • Kei a Koro te tuhinga

How would you say 'Those two didn’t have the wedding photos' in Māori?
  • Kāore te kāri i a ia
  • Kāore te hipi in reira
  • Kāore ngā whakaahua mārena i a rāua

How would you say 'Kāore ōku kākahu i konei' in English?
  • My clothes were not here
  • My shoes were there
  • He didn't have my computer

How would you say 'Kāore ngā pihikete i te tamaiti rā' in English?
  • The shirts don't have dirt on them
  • The kids don't have shoes
  • That child does not have the biscuits

How would you say 'Anahera has the flowers' in Māori?
  • Kei a Anahera ngā putiputi
  • Kei a Pieta te waka
  • Kei a Pita ngā kākahu

How would you say 'Kāore ōu kamupūtu i a au' in English?
  • I don’t have your gumboots
  • I have your gumboots
  • I don't have any gums

Check out the homework from Te Murumaara. Translate the following sentences 'What a bad child! All of the biscuits were consumed by you!'  


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