Exercises & Homework

Take a look at some examples to refresh our learning from today and see what Te Murumaara has for the homework.

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the words on the left-hand side.

  • Aro
  • Pepeha
  • Pēke
  • Hēkona
  • Huarite
  • second
  • turn towards
  • bag
  • rhyme
  • proverb

How would you say in Māori 'The children weren't waiting for the bus'?
  • Kāore ngā tamariki i te tatari ki te pahi
  • Kāore te pahi i te tatari ki te tamaiti
  • Kāore te tama i te hīkoi ki te pahi

How would you say in Māori 'Joseph hasn't got the pot'?
  • Kāore te tama i te haere ki te toa
  • Kāore te pōro i a Pai
  • Kāore te kōhua i a Hohepa

Here's the homework question from Te Murumaara. Pareārau asks her mother if she can go outside. How would Pareārau's mother say 'No you have not finished your homework yet'.



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