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Time to see if we have our learning point and kupu hou locked down!

Our homework from Te Murumāra is to translate the following sentence into Māori. 'When is Parehuia going to the marae?'
  • Āhea tāua haere ai ki te marae?
  • Āhea a Parehuia haere ai ki te marae?
  • Āhea a Timoti haere ai ki te kite i a Parehuia?

If you said to someone in Māori 'Kei mahue koe i te tereina', what would you be telling them?
  • You might go by train
  • You might miss the train
  • The train might miss you

If you told your daughter 'Turituri, kei oho te pēpī', what have you said to her?
  • Be careful you might hurt the baby
  • Don't be lazy look after the baby
  • Be quiet or you might wake the baby

If you said to your son in Māori 'Kia tūpato, kei taka koe', what have you told them to do?
  • Be careful or you might fall off
  • Be careful the tree might hurt you
  • Be careful, you won't fall off

If you told your sister in Māori 'Kia tere te horoi, kei riri a māmā', what have you said to her?
  • Dont worry, that's not too easy for you
  • Be careful or mum might get angry
  • Hurry up and wash or mum will get angry

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the words on the left-hand side.

  • Tīni
  • Raiti
  • Poupoutanga
  • Pakeke
  • Hinga
  • Light
  • Fall over
  • Change
  • Midday
  • Adult


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