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Here's our revision exercises and homework from Te Murumāra. Ka mau te wehi whānau.

Our homework from Te Murumāra asks, which of the three options provided mean 'We (the speaker and two others, excluding the listener) did'? Nā mātou, nā tātou or nā koutou.  

How would you say 'What a lucky person!' in Māori?


How would you say 'What a great house!' in Māori?
  • Tētahi whare rawe!
  • Tētahi maunga nui!
  • Tētahi toa kino!

How would you say 'The boy drank the milk' in Māori?
  • I ngaro ngā kī i te pēpi
  • I kai te ngaro i te totoro
  • I inu te miraka i te tamaiti

How would you say 'What a dumb question!' in Māori?
  • Tētahi perehana rawe!
  • Tētahi pātai pōrangi!
  • Tētahi koti kino!

How would you say 'The cookies were eaten by the children' in Māori?
  • I kai te pihikete i te tamariki
  • I inu te keke i te tamaiti
  • I kai ngā pihikete i ngā tamariki

Re-arrange the words on the left-hand side to match the words on the right-hand side.

  • Minenga
  • Muru
  • Hauora
  • Whai rawa
  • Rongonui
  • Famous
  • Rug off
  • Congregation
  • Health
  • Rich


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