Test & Homework

Time to review our lesson for today and also check out how well you did with the homework from Te Murumāra.

The homework today from Te Murumāra asks 'If more than one person is being addressed, what is added to the name or term of address?'  

What is the correct English translation for 'Āhea a Wiremu hoki mai ai?
  • When are we going to the vet?
  • When will Wiremu return?
  • When is Wiremu going home?

What is the correct English tranalation for 'Āhea rātou tae mai ai?'
  • When is he coming back?
  • When are they going?
  • When will they return?

What is the correct English translation for 'Āhea tēnā mahi oti ai?'
  • When are you going to work?
  • When will that work finish?
  • When do we have to do the work?

What is the correct English translation for 'Āhea a Ropata mutu ai i tana oma?'
  • When will Robert finish his run?
  • When are we having dinner?
  • When are we going for a walk?

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the words on the left-hand side.

  • Pūmau
  • Tika
  • Waka
  • Hīkoi
  • Tāone
  • Car
  • Walk/March/Step
  • Be correct/true
  • Town/city/urban area
  • Be fixed/constant/permanent


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