It's vocab time. 'Kupu hou' in the house! Ten brand new words for you to learn!

  is the Ngāi Tahu dialect for ice.

The term   means to say 'grace, pray' or 'recite a prayer'.

The term maha means '   ', 'numerous, abundant'.

  means to 'go astray, stray, deviate, digress' or 'to get side-tracked'.

The term '   ' means 'to roar, make continuous noise' or 'rumble'.

The term 'takahi' means 'to trample, tramp, '   ' or ' tread'.

'Waenganui' is a term that describes 'the middle,   , amidst, amid' or 'between'.

'   ' is a word that translates to 'awful, ugly, disagreeable' or 'disgusting'.

The term 'amuamu' means to 'grumble' or '   '.

To be 'struck, hit accidentally, injured' or 'hurt' are definitions of the term '   '.

'   ' is an 'expression of surprise'.


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