Personal pronouns are the topic for this episode. Personal pronouns stand in place of the names of people. In Māori we know them as koe, ia, ahau or au, and in English we know them as you, he or she, and me.

Which of the following asks 'Where are you from'?


'Ia' is the Māori translation for which option below?


Which option below is the English translation for 'Nō hea ahau'?


The word 'māua' is the translation for 'he and I' or 'she and I.'


'We (he and I) are travelling to Hamilton' corresponds with which of the following options?


Which of the following is the Māori translation for 'Us, you and I'?


'Let's you and I go' corresponds with which Māori translation?


'Rāua' is the Māori term for which personal pronoun?


Kei te haere rāua ki hea? Is the Māori equivalent for which translation below?


How would you greet 2 people?



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