Let's see if you can remember the grammar point for asking and saying how many things there are!

In Māori how do you ask the question 'How many?'
  • He aha ēnei?
  • Ko wai tō ingoa?
  • E hia?

How would you ask 'How many books do you have?'
  • E hia ō pēke?
  • E hia ō pukapuka?

How would you ask 'How many plates do you have?'
  • E hia ō pēke?
  • E hia ō pereti?

If Maruia had 8 pens, how would she respond to 'E hia ō pene?'
  • E waru aku pene
  • E whitu aku pene

What is the plural of 'taku'?
  • aku
  • ō

In te reo Māori, 'ō' is the plural for 'tō'. Is this statement correct?
  • Yes
  • No

How would Mahina say she has 5 books?
  • E waru aku pukapuka
  • E rima aku pukapuka
  • E rima aku putiputi

If Raimona had 1 bag, how would he respond to 'E hia ō pēke?'
  • E waru aku pēke
  • Kotahi aku naihi
  • Kotahi taku pēke

'E hia ō tau?' What is this question asking for?
  • name
  • age
  • iwi

You've just turned 9, how would you respond to someone asking your age?
  • E iwa aku tau
  • E waru aku tau



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