Exercises & Homework

Let's recap some of the learning for the week with a more few exercises.

How would you say 'Kei te tipu haere ngā huawhenua' in English?
  • The men are running
  • The fruit are growing
  • The vegetables are growing

How would you say 'Ruka is growing up' in English?
  • Kei te haere a Ruka
  • Kei te pakeke haere a Ruka
  • Kei te mamae haere tōku upoko

How would you say 'He gradually understands the language' in Māori?
  • Kua pai haere ngā mahi
  • Kua maroke haere ngā kōrero
  • Kua mārama haere ia ki te reo

How would you say 'Never mind that!' in Māori?
  • Hei aha te mātakitaki kiriata
  • Hei aha tēnā!
  • Hei aha te kanga!

How would you say 'Hei aha tō kurī' in English?
  • Never mind your dog
  • Never mind your cat
  • Never mind your bird

How would you say 'Hei aha ō makawe ināianei!' in English?
  • Don't worry about the car!
  • Don't worry about the teapot!
  • Never mind your hair now!

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the words on the left-hand side.

  • aroaro
  • mine
  • hanawiti
  • pene rākau
  • taumau
  • face
  • to be assembled
  • pencil
  • sandwich
  • betroth


Useful Tips

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