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This is our section of exercises to help review all the learning from the day and also check the homework from Te Murumāra.

Our homework from Te Murumāra asks what day comes after Tūrei and before Tāite?
  • Mane
  • Wenerei
  • Rāapa
  • Answer 1+3
  • Answer 2 + 3

What is another name for Tūrei?  

What is another name for Taite?  

Translate the following sentence into English 'Kua pau āku moni.
  • My money has run out
  • I have no money left
  • I've exhausted all my funds
  • All of the above

Select the correct statement that changes the following sentence to say that the action has not yet happened. 'Kua pau āku moni'.


Which of the following words means 'to be apprehensive'?
  • mārenatanga
  • mākū
  • manawa
  • manawapā

Wiremu is asleep in the lounge and wakes up because he's hungry. Kei te aha a Wiremu?
  • Kei te pukuriri a Wiremu
  • Kei te matekai a Wiremu
  • Kei te tōmuri a Wiremu

What is the Māori translation for 'the water hasn't boiled yet'?
  • Kāore anō te wai e wera ana
  • Kāore anō te wai kia hū
  • Kāore kia hū te wai

Change the sentence to read that the action has occurred. 'Kāore anō ngā kai kia reri'  

What is the word that means to be late or last?
  • waatea
  • pau
  • tata
  • tōmuri


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