Let's check out the rest of our weekly dose of 'kupu hou' whānau. Titiro mai!

Mārenatanga means what in English?
  • multitudes
  • monopoly
  • marriage
  • promise

One word that means to be late is 'tūreti' what is another which we've learnt this week?
  • tamariki
  • tuarima
  • tōmuri
  • tatari

If a girlfriend said 'Kei te hapū au' what is she saying?
  • I am not feeling well
  • I am leaving
  • I am thirsty
  • I am pregnant

If your mum said 'Kei te manawapā au ki tērā mahi' what would she be saying?
  • She is not feeling well
  • She has misgivings about that work
  • She is anxious about flying
  • She is going to work unhappy

Match the following words with their correct meanings.

  • manawapā
  • tōmuri
  • matekai
  • mārenatanga
  • hapū
  • kāore anō
  • tonu
  • rāapa
  • marriage
  • anxious
  • not yet
  • hungry
  • last
  • wednesday
  • pregnant
  • still


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