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Today's homework from Te Mumumāra asks you to choose the correct word which means now?
  • ināianei

The Ngāti Porou people use the word 'pihareina' when referring to what?


Which of the following answers is the correct translation for 'Mātai is still playing outside'?


Translate 'My leg is still sore' into Māori.  

Translate ' Wiremu is still snoring' into Māori.  

Wiremu finds a $20 note in the cushions on the couch, which of our kupu hou means 'lucky'?


The kupu hou from the Māori Language Comission today is the word for 'stressed out'. From the options below, choose the correct Māori translation for this word.


Translate the following into English 'Kei te kai tonu tana pēpi'.  

How would you say in Māori, 'Does Mere still live in Wellington?'


What Māori Language Commission's Māori name?  


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