Test & Homework

It's that time again whānau! Let's review our learning from today and don't forget to check out the homework from Te Murumāra.

Te Murumāra's homework today is to translate into Māori 'Where is Hine's house?'  

How would you answer the question above in Māori to reply with ' At Te Rapa'.  

Re-arrange the words on the right-hand side to match the words on the left-hand side.

  • Hāpiapia
  • Tāhae
  • Ruma moe
  • Whakatā
  • Awatea
  • Rest/relax/have a break
  • Middle of the day/broad daylight
  • be sticky
  • Bedroom
  • To steal/cheat/rob

What is the Māori equivalent for 'I am going to the library'?


What is the correct Māori equivalent for 'Call out to the children, please'?


What is the correct English translation for 'Kei te tatari rātou ki te pahi'?


What is the correct English translation for 'E mōhio ana au ki tō pāpā'?



Useful Tips

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