Memorising words, phrases and grammar is crucial if you want to keep up a steady sense of progress. So keep up the good work with learning and memorising the kupu hou e hoa mā!

The term 'hara' can be described by the words 'offense' and 'problem'. Is this statement true or false?


'Wairua' is the Māori term for what?


What does 'māharahara' mean?


'Yes it is', 'yeah' and 'agree' can be translated to which term?


Which of the following words does not belong in the list to describe 'ātaahua?'


'Flower' is the English word for what?


What is the Māori term for 'kettle?'


'Pounamu' is the Māori translation for cup. Is this statement true or false?


'To be uneasy in mind', 'disturbed', 'anxious', 'worried' or 'distressed' are examples of which term below?


Which term is Ngāpuhi dialect for 'impetuous?'



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