We're at the vocab section again to build on the list of Māori words you already know!

The terms 'be boring, bored, tiresome, wearisome, fed up' are examples of the term   .

The word 'hoki' means to 'go back' or '   '.

'Wehe' means 'to separate', '   ', 'detach', 'leave' or 'depart'.

'Being angry', 'to be cross' or 'hostile' is to be '   '.

'Ākuanei' means '   ', 'today' or 'soon'.

'   ' means 'to request', 'send', 'ask for', 'apply for', 'order', 'demand', 'bid on'or'command'.

The Māori term for 'bill' is '   '.

'To land', 'alight', 'come to rest' or 'settle on' are definitions of the term '   '.

'To be true', 'valid' or 'honest' means to be '   '.

'Māmā' means 'to be easy' or 'less   '.


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