A new episode and new grammar points. Let's revise these grammar points.

'He aha tēnā?' is a phrase that means...


Let's say you're holding a pen, and someone asks you 'He aha tēnā?' How would you reply?


Again if you had a book in your hand and someone asked you 'He aha tēnā?' How would you say 'This is a book'?


Your mate is carrying a new bag or pēke. You ask him 'He aha tēnā?' What would his reply be?


Your mum is carrying a bunch of books. You ask what she is carrying by saying 'He aha ēnā?' Her reply is...


Rangi sees you carrying some flowers. He asks 'He aha ēnā?' How would you reply?


Tokohia is used to ask how many people. If you had 3 children how would you reply to the question ' Tokohia ō tamariki?'


'Tokohia ō tuākana?' means...


Tokomaha is a term that means 'many'. Therefore if you were asked 'Tokohia ō tamariki?' and you have many then your reply would be...



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