Welcome to a new season of Tōku Reo - Series Five!

This is the official TŌKU REO website. Join Raimona and Naomi online with interactive exercises, podcasts and a forum to reinforce what you’re learning on the TŌKU REO television show.

TŌKU REO is a language learning show based on the comprehensive Te Whanake language course created by Professor John Moorfield. The half hour show broadcasts on Māori Television at 7pm Monday to Friday. It’s a new, vibrant, and fun way of learning Te Reo Māori in the comfort of your own home.

In every block of five episodes, viewers of Tōku Reo learn vocabulary based around a role-play as well as a small number of sentence structures. Segments on newly coined words from the Māori Language Commission, different tribal dialect, and homework from Professor John himself, complete the bundle of learning that is TŌKU REO.

By combining kaumātua, rangatahi, learners and native speakers in the context of a beginners learning programme, TŌKU REO represents the full breadth of a Māori learning experience.

Make TŌKU REO part of your daily and weekly dose of the reo!

Nau mai, haere mai ki TŌKU REO.

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Episode One

01Episode One

On today's show, we'll learn how to greet people. One person, two people, and three or more people, you know, for the bigger whanau out there with the people movers. We'll also check out our top 10 words for the day, which include the words 'toku' and 'reo'. So by the end of the show you'll know what 'Toku Reo' means, and what the hooplah is all about.

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